Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun With Google+

Okay, maybe I don't really need another online distraction ... but I must say, Google+ is kind of cool! Right now it's especially fun, as everyone is setting up their circles and finding each other. There's sort of a camaraderie combined with the thrill of discovery as we figure out what this new social network can do.

It seems to combine the best of Twitter (you can follow people without them following you back) and Facebook (you can post messages in a similar way as well as chat online)--only it's easier to set up separate groups for different parts of your life, and post things just to those groups that may be interested.

Google+ has hit 10 million users, and they're expecting to top 20 million by the weekend.
If you're on Google+ (or want to be), I've started a list of middle grade writers here.  If you write for kids 8 - 12, please scroll down to find it and add yourself in the comments (whether you're published or not). Then you can click on the other folks on the list and add them to your circles, and they'll do the same for you.

Anastasia Suen started a similar list of picture book writers here.

And Kate Messner has started lists for teachers of reading and book bloggers.