Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silly Stories: A Matching Game

Here's a bit of silliness ... just for fun.

Match a slightly modified children's book title to each of the fake book descriptions below. Scroll down to see the choices. Scroll down farther to see the answers, if needed.

Book Descriptions:

1. Four sisters’ identities are stolen

2. A zany Siamese cat gets an x-ray

3. Will Stanton meets Jaws

4. Max helps his mother organize her home office

5. A young boy is stranded on a deserted island with a rotten onion

6. Three children fall into a painting and must confront a mower that has run amok

7. A spunky young girl goes to heaven

8. The son of Poseidon goes on a quest to discover who stole the bleach

9. A young crustacean tells all

10. A little monkey struggles with his anger management problem


A) The Whitening Thief

B) Furious George

C) The Shark is Rising

D) The Voyage of the Lawn Shredder

E) Jesus and Ramona

F) The Pretenderwicks

G) Where the Filed Things Are

H) Diary of a Shrimpy Kid

I) The Black Scallion

J) Skippyjon’s Bones

1.   F
2.   J
3.   C
4.   G
5.   I
6.   D
7.   E
8.   A
9.   H
10. B

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