Saturday, November 5, 2011

Missouri SCBWI Conference

Just returned from the wonderful Missouri SCBWI conference in St. Charles.

Speakers included:

I especially enjoyed Suzanne Morgan Williams' workshop, Make Your Writing Shine. She showed us a revision technique that involves indicating dialogue, action, description, and internal thought with different colored markers--a good way to visually check what's happening in each scene. Ideally, there will be several colors next to a given paragraph. If there are large, unbroken blocks of description or internal thought, it's probably a good idea to work in some action.


Jess said...

Great tip! I think I'll try the color-coding when I'm ready to pring out my WIP :)

Ruth said...

Me too, Jess. If you process things visually, like I do, it should be really helpful!

Marcia said...

I think anything that can be color-coded should. :)