Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger!

In honor of Pete Seeger's 91st birthday today, my students and I enjoyed his extraordinary sing-along folk tale, Abiyoyo.

Here's a video of Pete performing Abiyoyo in concert.

And here's a link to a Reading Rainbow clip where Pete reads/sings the story, accompanied by Michael Hays' illustrations. Pete explains that when kids get to a certain age, they realize that a lullaby is actually a propaganda song. This story/song came about when his kids clamored for a story instead of a song at bedtime. Pete compromised by telling them a story--and singing them the song, too!


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Love Pete Seeger. I'm so happy he's still singing and making people think and feel good. Thanks for your lovely blog. There's still time to join the Primal Scream Blogfest. Why don't you? Come read my entry if you're of the mind, Roland

Ruth said...

Glad you enjoyed the Pete Seeger vid. He's one of my heroes! I don't think I'll manage to get in on the Primal Scream blogfest, but I'm planning to do the Let's Talk one on May 18.