Sunday, April 4, 2010

Story Pages

I've added links to some of my stories for very young readers and listeners. Most of my current writing falls into the middle grade range, but over the years I've also written quite a few stories for younger children. Since I'm not actively marketing most of these, I decided to post a few as writing samples.

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Reader's Theater:
Just Two Words
I wrote this humorous, easy-to-read play about a wizard wannabee for children reading at an end-of-first grade grade level. It uses familiar vocabulary, and incorporates repetition. The story was inspired by a Taoist tale about a monk who took a vow of silence to enter a monastery--only to find conditions not to his liking.

Marco's School Bus
This read-aloud about some confused animals is for children ages four to six. It would be especially appropriate for a little one who is going to ride a school bus for the first time. It was published in the back-to-school issue of Stories For Children in August 2008. I retain all rights to the story.

Brave Haley and the Halloween Scream
A silly easy-to-read story with a Halloween theme, intended for children reading at a first grade level.

Feel free to copy the stories for your students or read them to your children, but please make no changes to them, and make sure they are attributed to me. I added some royalty-free clip art to brighten the pages, but the art is not my work, and should not be considered a part of the story.

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