Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missouri Writers' Guild Conference

The Missouri Writers' Guild Conference is next weekend--it really crept up on me! I just sent in my registration. Three well-known agents will be there:

  • Joanna Stampfel-Volpe  (Nancy Coffey Literary and Media Representation), who says in her bio information that she reps "children's chapter books to upper YA", as well as some adult genres. Joanna wrote a query critique for GLA here, and a guest blog post on Susan Adrian's blog here.
  • Kristin Nelson  (Nelson Literary Agency), who represents middle grade, YA, and adult fiction, and who writes the wonderful blog PubRants. An interview with Kristin on the GLA blog can be found here.
  • Suzie Townsend (FinePrint Literary Management), who seems to represent primarily YA and adult fantasy, as well as adult non-fiction--but in her blog, Confessions of a Wandering Heart, she says she is interested in middle grade, too. An interview with Suzie on The Blog Realm can be found here, and more information is posted here
There's a hilarious video here posted on April Fools Day-- it features Joanna and Suzie both simultaneously finding the BEST MANUSCRIPT EVER ... and literally coming to blows over it!

I've signed up for my first pitch session ever, which means I've got less than a week to work up an "elevator pitch". I still haven't even decided which manuscript to pitch ... it's between my chapter book and one of my middle grade novels. Kristin Nelson has already seen my middle grade in its earlier incarnation; in fact, she requested a partial, but then sent a polite rejection. Even though it's been through extensive revisions since then, I'd rather try her with something new. I have not yet queried either of the others, although they are both on my list of "agents to try".

There's an Agent/Editor panel discussion scheduled for Friday night. The agent appointments will be held on Saturday, running concurrently with a variety of Breakout Sessions. On Sunday, there are several Master Class options, including one by Angie Fox called "Lining Up the Bones: Crafting the Paranormal Novel".


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