Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Weekend of Theatre

My daughter has been involved in a teen production through DramaRama Theatre Company, the company she performed with last year in Beauty and the Beast (see photo). This year, the group planned to produce Rent. Unfortunately, some of the cast dropped out and the plans fell through; but a core group of eight teens didn't want to give up the dream. They were determined to stick together and put on a show. Inspired by Rent, these young people believed that they and their friends had powerful stories that needed to be told.

Under the direction of Landon Shaw, the kids wrote monologues and skits, composed original music, and choreographed dances. The show went on this weekend, and it was truly impressive. This talented group performed four shows for small but enthusiastic audiences in DramaRama's new digs in the Southhampton neighborhood in South St. Louis. To learn more about the exciting happenings at DramaRama, click on the link to the company's webpage.
As if this weren't enough theatre for one weekend, we went to the Fabulous Fox Theatre last night to see Legally Blonde--a lively and entertaining show. See a clip here.

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